Three main goals guide my teaching.

First, I aim to ensure that students understand that the study of politics, while an academic discipline, gains its strength in its ability to connect with the lived reality of politics in our world. Second, I help students become accustomed to confronting new arguments and information critically. Third, I aim to assist students in developing their ability to communicate their arguments cogently and effectively, both in writing and in productive classroom discussions. Students in political science and international studies go on to pursue a range of careers, but the ability to evaluate and generate logical and persuasive arguments will serve them in a wide range of professions. I strive to achieve these goals while placing an immense value on maintaining an inclusive classroom setting that fosters students’ participation while inspiring them to engage critically and respectfully with views contrary to their own.

I have been a tutorial-leading teaching assistant for undergraduate courses at a variety of levels and sizes. I have also developed a number of sample syllabi for courses I would be interested in teaching.

Teaching Assistant
Department of Political Science, University of Toronto

POLA90/POLA02: Politics, Corruption, and Violence; 

POLA81/POLA01: The Politics of Migration; 

POLC97: Politics and Society in the Middle East; 

POLC83: American Foreign Policy in the Middle East 

POL326: American Foreign Policy

POL329: Experiences of Conflict

Selection of Open-Ended Comments from Teaching Evaluations

One of the best TAs I’ve had. Great tutorial to attend. Fun and not stressful, while also helping you understand the material and excel.
I liked that she usually honed down on key concepts for each reading. Especially you also created visuals to explain concepts (i.e. tables/charts). This approach helped simplify concepts in readings.
She was very receptive to different ideas and views.
She helped to guide students and clarify any misunderstandings; she also gave great feedback and tips when we were doing assignments.
All the students were treated equitably and received the same amount of mutual respect.